There will be a bid opening for contractors interested in the National Road Business Park

Local News

ZANESVILLE – The Zanesville – Muskingum County Port Authority conducted a meeting this morning to talk about the specifications and what they may be looking for in potential suitors for the more than 200 acre property.

“We have a bid opening tomorrow for at 3 PM and the National Road Business Park for roadway installation and water sewer projects, so, you know, we’re very excited for those bids. We’ve seen a lot of contractors that have shown interest and we’re very hopeful and excited to get that project moving forward,” Port Authority Executive Director Matt Abbott said.

A joint economic development agreement was made between several local entities including the Port Authority to oversee operations and future plans to ensure success for the business park.

“That’s an agreement between the City of Zanesville and Perry Township. Also involved is the Port Authority as well as the Muskingum County Commissioners so basically what that agreement does is allows for funds to be collected, for the development of that park, and for future economic development purchases for the City of Zanesville or Muskingum County,” Abbott said.

The bid opening will be held in front of the Muskingum County Convention Center.