Jeff Labishak becomes the new boys soccer coach at Bishop Rosecrans

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Over the last few months, the Bishop Rosecrans athletic department has experienced a few changes.

But like we’re all taught, at one point in our lives, change is good.

The Bishops have a new athletic director, Seth Thompson, a new football coach, Chris Zemba, and now a new boys soccer coach, Jeff Labishak.

Labishak has spent time as a middle school soccer coach and a co-head coach in the Arsenal program.

On top of being a soccer coach, Labishak is also a dentist at The Smile Shack in Zanesville.

Just like how baby teeth grow as we get older, Labishak was intrigued by the position because he enjoys seeing his athletes grow throughout the years.

“It was excitement, it was seeing a new opportunity, seeing something that looked liked it was going to be very fun and rewarding. I like seeing the kids grow in soccer and learn and seeing the difference from the beginning of the season to the end of the season and how much they’ve grown and learned. To know I could do that at the high school level was exciting. You know one other thing about this team is my son is going to be a freshman at Rosecrans. It’s always a balancing act but I’m excited to be apart of his soccer, and see him grow. Along with the other kids and try to create a balance where it’s a successful recipe,” Labishak said.

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