New Concord Police is hosting yard sale

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NEW CONCORD – Area residents can stop by New Concord’s village hall this Saturday to take home some bargains and help out the police department in the process.

The New Concord PD is holding a yard sale with many of the items on sale being donated from local residents as well as members of the Police Department. All of the money raised from the yard sale goes to help the PD finance its canine program, allowing the department to have money for things like fuel mileage and equipment for the Department’s first even canine, Norco.

“He is the only canine and it’ll help us keep the funding going. The big thing with our program opposed to other agencies … the sheriff’s office; they have tax payers that goes through to their (department). The big thing with New Concord is everything in our camp runs through donation. So, if we don’t have donations or programs to try to help earn money then we’re going to end up losing that and we obviously don’t want to lose our canine program,” New Concord Police’s Jeff Traub said.

Officer Traub says that conducting the yard sale is vital so it can allow Norco to continue to make a difference like he does for the police.

“Having a canine for any department; its very pricy when it comes to equipment for the cruiser, maintenance for vet bills for them. It’s very important. We’ve made a difference since we’ve been out in the community. I keep a long list of everything that we have. Statistics on traffic stops, what we get out of those, felonies, drug busts, so on and so forth. It has made an impact in this community and that’s something I always document,” Traub said.

The sale is at Village Hall in New Concord and will run from 8 AM to 2 PM on Saturday.

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