Consumers need to be prepared to deal with scammers using the pandemic to their advantage

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE – Whether you’ve been furloughed, working from home, or back to work, you need to be conscious of who you communicate with over the phone or by e-mail. There are frauds who may be trying to get in touch with you and would like nothing more than to have access to your information.

“The scammers are trying anything and everything to get their attention and they know that their tensions are high and so they’re hoping that they can catch them off guard so be cautious of anything that’s coming your way that sounds too good to be true,” BBB of Central Ohio President Kip Morris says.

Sharing any information with a source you don’t trust can allow scammers to perhaps your finances or identity. Not only individuals, but, businesses as a whole are susceptible to such ploys.

“Scammers know that financial officers might be out of the office and the president might be out of the office and so, again, they might send e-mails to suggest that, hey, I need a check that needs to be cut to this organization immediately from the president. They can look like they’re coming from the company’s own e-mail address and it’s actually not so we encourage you to look up and to make sure that you understand who it’s coming from,” Morse said.

Morse also said that you are almost as likely to receive fake test messages as you are phone calls.

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