Chicken Dinner Sale Very Successful

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Falls Township Fire Department had its annual Father’s Day chicken dinner sale this morning. 

A long line of cars waited for the drive through food pickup. Fire Chief Brady Johnson was thrilled by the success of the sale. 

“We started serving at eleven o’clock we actually had people coming through at about nine-thirty. Round ten-fifteen, ten-thirty we really started seeing our lines. I’m just absolutely excited to see the community support we get. We’ve had a few people tell me we’ve had traffic backed up to the BP on Northpointe here from our Dillon Falls station. Our Richey Road station sounds like they’re doing great. They have traffic backed up on Dresden Road. We definitely wanna apologize to any of those that weren’t coming and got held up in traffic.”

Jonson says that the morale among those waiting was incredibly high. 

“They’re happy, ya know they’ve told me, ‘hey thanks for doing this’. We apologize we can’t do the dine in thing and have lines of people standing outside but we wanna keep everyone safe through the pandemic, but this is the way we still wanted to do our chicken barbecue. We didn’t wanna cancel it, we just had to adapt and make changes and everyone seems to be really receptive of that and understanding it.”

Johnson says that the sale will bring in around four thousand dollars in revenue for the department.