Maysville football helps out the community, donates to South Zanesville Food Pantry

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- With everything that has happened over the last three months due to COVID-19. A big priority has been to keep ourselves and the ones around us safe.

Which is exactly what the Maysville football team has done.

Head Coach, Craig Clarke, and his team donated $1,400 to the South Zanesville Food Pantry.

It started out as a fundraiser for the Panther football team but because of the pandemic, Clarke wanted to help out those in need and give back.

“We went to them. Actually a couple of our parents and people who are apart of the church said that they were needing funding. I believe they serve over 4,000 meals one week and with all the unemployment, we knew there was a need there. All we did was just say we can help out what little we can,” Clarke said.

South Zanesville Food Pantry Coordinator, Joyce Krouskoupf, said “We serve over 400 hundred families per month and actually right now it’s up so we serve 77,000 meals in a year. That’ll definitely help buy those meals and help. Especially right now with the children being home or seeing more of the children being in need and so that’ll help us buy the stuff that they need for the children.”

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