Zane State College is responding to increasing needs for respiratory care providers

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ZANESVILLE – The college partnered with Rhodes State College in Lima and Genesis Hospital to find students who are interested in a career in respiratory care. The partnership allows for students to learn course lectures at Zane State using remote technology. Zane State is on the receiving end of what’s known as a “rapids” award from the State’s Department of Higher Education to purchase healthcare learning equipment.

“We had about $200,000 to go around to focus on equipment for multiple health programs. Besides respiratory therapy, we’re looking at other opportunities as well to really help build out all of the educational equipment that the students work on,” Zane State’s Chief Academic Officer Dr. Richard Woodfield said.

The funds will finance big additions that were not previously available to the students.

“We are able to get training mannequins and actual respiratory therapy equipment such as laryngoscopy equipment so that students can practice hands-on so they’ll be at the hospital getting trained by the respiratory therapists at Genesis but they’ll be able to practice their skill sets here on campus with that equipment,” Woodfield said.

Students can enroll now for classes that begin this Summer and Fall and all applicants have the opportunity to apply for tuition assistance.

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