Drivers who were previously involved in crashes admit to still conducting risky driving habits

Local News

ZANESVILLE – AAA finds that drivers who have been in an accident in the past two years are significantly more likely to engage in behaviors like speeding or texting while driving.

“Drivers are really not changing their behavior even if they are in a crash because of it so we see this proliferation of bad behavior on the roadway. All too often we’re seeing people texting, speeding, driving drowsy and engaging in other risky behaviors behind the wheel even if they say they know its dangerous. They’re still doing it anyway so its just very hard for them to kick these bad habits and we still continue to see them behind the wheel even if people know that they’re dangerous,” AAA Spokesperson Kimberly Schwind said.

Schwind says a contributing factor to dangerous behaviors see by drivers on the roadway could come from there not being as many cars on the road during a pandemic.

“I think that its just really important for drivers; a lot of us haven’t driven in a few months and so we’re kind of just getting back into the swing of things and, so, as we’re doing that, its even more important to ditch the distractions. Make sure that your phone is out of sight, out of mind, slow down on the roadways, we’ve had a lot of speeding in the past few months because there’s been less traffic on the roadways,” Schwind said.

On the bright side, compared to 2018 findings, 43.2 % of drivers nationwide reported talking on a handheld cell phone while driving compared to 52.1% from two years ago.