Well known artist and activist in Zanesville community has passed away.

Local News

ZANESVILLE – Linda Regula – Warren died Saturday surrounded by her family at Genesis Hospital at the age of 76.

Regula – Warren was an artist in resident in Zanesville for 17 years. Her interpersonal and colorful artwork often shared themes from her own experiences and what her stance was on contemporary issues, especially difficulties faced by women and children. She was able to join her love of the arts and the community when she created the Y-Bridge Arts Festival.

“At one end she had a stage for music and presentations, she had children’s things down in the canal area, the food vendors were all the way down Main Street, she united an entire community in this Y-Bridge Arts Festival. So, I think what she did there was just an accomplishment that hands-down she deserves all of the credit for,” Seiler Studio & Art Gallery Co-Owner Michael Seiler said.

Being an artist was far from Regula – Warren’s only calling in life. Along with Paul Richmond, she co-founded the “You Will Rise Project” which helped people from all over the world feel the power to express and love themselves through the arts.

“She was never just feeling bad about something that happened but she always found a way to turn it into something positive and so we often used her artwork and shared it with the kids to say, look, here’s an example of somebody who came from really dark places but now she’s living this wonderful, vibrant life where she’s creating this beautiful work and helping so many people and it inspired literally thousands of people,” Richmond said.

Richmond said that the world lost a “bright light” with Regula – Warren’s passing. She was a wonderful artist, mother, community leader, and activist. (Video credit Doug Swift)