Cynthia Crim is set to compete in the National High School Finals Rodeo

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BEVERLY, Ohio- It’s not often someone can graduate from high school and have a chance to compete for a national championship all with in a few months.

“I learned that if I try to be like everybody else that it doesn’t work. It’s easier to enjoy who you are and be who you are,” said Cynthia Crim.

Crim, who just graduated from Fort Frye High School in May, will be heading down to Guthrie, Oklahoma to compete in the National High School Finals Rodeo on July 17th through the 23rd.

“She’s worked very hard to get where she’s at. She went to Tennesse her junior high year, and every year since, she’s been one to two spots out from going to nationals,” said, Cynthia’s mother, Doris Crim.

So now that Cynthia has the chance to compete at the national level, she’ll be competing in the breakaway roping and team roping competitions.

Cynthia is currently ranked as the best breakaway roper in the state of Ohio.

“It’s just you, your horse and a calf when you’re sitting in the box. You nod your head, the shoot helps lets the calf out, you track the calf down and you rope it. After you rope it and when the rope breaks, that’s your time,” Cynthia Crim said.

“Being around and seeing what she can do, she’s got a real talent for horses I mean we call her our very own horse whisper,” said Doris Crim.

When Cynthia goes down to the NHSFR she will be bringing Milly with her, a horse that she has been training since it was born and it’s the one she’s trust the most when it comes to breakaways.

“She’s been easy to train and willing to learn and if I want to go off a mountain side she’d take off it with me, without a question, she’s very loyal,” said Cynthia Crim.

Thoughout this whole process, Cynthia always remembers the ones that got her to this point.

“I’m definitely thankful for my parents because without them I wouldn’t be getting up and down the road to all the rodeos. my grandparents being able to fill in and take me when they couldn’t. Riley right here, and of course the father up above because without him none of this would have been possible,” Cynthia Crim said.

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