Muskingum adds two new sports to the university

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NEW CONCORD, Ohio- The Muskingum University athletic program will be growing by two sports this fall.

Archery and STUNT will be the two new Muskie sports.

Both will start as club sports in the fall of 2020 and then transition into varsity sports in the fall of 2021.

By adding the two sports, Muskingum becomes the only school in the Ohio Athletic Conference to have either an Archery team or a STUNT team.

Archery, which involves teams representing their institutions at USA Archery sanctioned events, offers recreational and competitive opportunities for barebow, recurve, compound, and bowhunter divisions.

STUNT, one of the fastest-growing female sports in the country and governed by USA Cheer, removes the crowd-leading element, and focuses on the technical and athletic components of cheer.

Muskingum Athletic Director, Steve Brockelbank said the university decided to add the two sports because they’re quite popular in the Muskingum Valley League and Southeast, Ohio.

“It starts with our president talking about the importance the university plays in the local community and making sure that we are of service and value to the local community. Of the sports that’s grown tremendously, at least here in Southeast Ohio, has been the sport of Archery. So when you look at the MVL schools, eight of the MVL schools have archery and some of their archery schools have had tremendous success at the state level.” Brockelbank said.

“Competitive cheer in the state of Ohio is growing and stunt is really an off shoot of competitive cheer it really takes the athletic gymnastic components of competitive cheer in a technical aspect of it and puts it into a head to head competition against another team,” Brockelbank said.

Muskingum University is currently looking for a head coach for both Archery and STUNT.

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