Zanesville City Schools will be starting free summer lunch program this coming Monday

Local News

ZANESVILLE – The school district sends four vans to 19 different sites where the lunches are waiting to be picked up by Zanesville students.

“The kids wait in line and get their lunch this year, they can take them home. In the past, they’ve had to sit and eat at the park but because of COVID-19, they don’t have to do that this year. So, they can come to the park, get their lunch, and take it home to eat,” Zanesville City School’s Food Service Director Vicki Wheeler said.

The program is a service that is heavily depended on by families in Zanesville.

“They need a lot. When there is a summer, moms and dads are working, grandma is working, some of those kids don’t have the means to make it on their own so they come to the nearest park and get their lunch,” Wheeler said.

For information on the program and for a delivery schedule, you can visit Zanesville City School’s website.