Highway Patrol Reminding Motorists to Stay Alert in Construction Zones

Local News

ZANESVILLE – The Ohio State Highway Patrol reminds motorists to stay alert in Construction Zones.

They said even if a driver may be in a hurry, it’s important to remember that the work zone posted is not an inconvenience but a service.

It is paramount that the drivers remember that the construction workers on the highway come first.

“We just ask that people follow the speed limit, that they slow down, and then also that they need to move over if they see a construction worker zone that has flashing lights; any vehicle with flashing lights we’re asking; people are required by law to move over,” Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Brice Nihiser said.

There was a construction zone accident on Monday near Columbus that claimed the life of 28-year-old Clinton Baker of Crooksville. According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, there has been 5 work crews who have been struck by motorists just this week.

“It’s probably a combination effect. There’s typically a slower speed through a work zone which means people may be following too close or may just now be obeying that speed limit that’s in place. That’s why we ask people to follow that speed limit and make sure that you can have a safe following distance,” Nihiser said.

Nihiser also recommends that motorists leave earlier when heading to their destination. This decreases the likelihood that a driver will speed to get to where they need to go.