Over 80 local businesses receive certificates for promoting employee safety in workplace

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ZANESVILLE – The Zanesville – Muskingum County Chamber of Commerce manages the local safety council for the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation, or BWC. President Dana Matz and the Chamber have not had the opportunity to conduct monthly meetings with these employers due to COVID – 19. However, in May, the Chamber was able to meet with the companies virtually.

“Generally this time of year, we would’ve had our annual meeting and passed out our certificates for the companies the participated (and) not only participated but won awards for being part of the safety council and there’s several awards – there’s 100 percent so that means that they’ve done everything that the BWC has asked them and there’s also group. So, if they’re in a group retro program they can fulfill all of those requirements and receive certificates for that as well,” Matz said.

Matz is proud that there are so many businesses in the county that go above and beyond to keep the well-being of its workers at the forefront.

“We’re very proud as a Chamber and a manager of this entity in the community that are taking the extra effort to improve safety and to improve their workforce and that’s a great thing so quality of life ultimately is very important. We want the businesses in our community to be the best places to work in our region so we’re very proud of that,” Matz said.

Any businesses who are interested in learning more about the safety council is encouraged to look at the Chamber’s website.

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