Attorney Meets with Commissioners to Discuss Two Parking Lots

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ZANESVILLE – A local attorney and property owner met with County Commissioners to discuss options for two parking lots.

Derrick Moorehead met with the commissioners to talk about what can potentially be done with space around a residential unit located on North Seventh Street and across from the County Health Department.

“I’m open to all possibilities. What I was discussing with the County Commissioners is the possibility of providing parking spaces to the county employees across the street,” said Moorehead. “The other possibility is it could very well be turned into an office space for a business.”

Moorehead felt his proposal for the parking spaces next to the building that he owns could be a great benefit to the Health Department.

“I wouldn’t say they’re desperate for parking, but, the area, its been jam packed with cars for a while and they certainly need more parking in the area,” Moorehead said.

Moorehead and the Commissioners did not reach an agreement for the project.

Moorehead said if the plan moves forward, the parking spaces could be available as early as this summer.

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