Bowling Lanes Open This Week at Sunrise Bowling Center

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE – Zanesville Residents will have to wait a few more days to enjoy activities at Sunrise Bowling Center.

Leslie Bryan is one of the four co-owners who purchased the bowling alley in August. She says that a number of residents have stopped by asking when the bowling lanes or nearby putt putt course are available. The plan is for Sunrise to open this Friday.

“We’ll be re-opening as soon as we get all the guidelines set in place for the employees and the safety of the customers also. We could’ve opened Tuesday but we chose not to until we know that its safe for everyone,” Sunrise Co-Owner Leslie Bryan said.

There’s a limit of two bowlers per lane. That is just one of the steps they are taking to help promote social distancing.

“We will have floor plans labeling where people can be. We have the tables set, not just tables six feet apart but the actual chairs where people will be. We don’t really have the barriers up because I think there’s enough distance between all of the tables to where we have it set up,” Bryan said.

For now, Sunrise Bowling Center, which is located on East Pike, plans to be open from 10 AM to 10 PM seven days a week starting Friday.

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