Volunteers Honor Fallen Veterans

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A group of volunteers honored fallen veterans at Greenwood Cemetery Saturday morning by placing flags at their graves. 

The group has been honoring this tradition for fifty years according to Master Sergeant Dick Bowers. Bowers talked about the importance of volunteers for the ceremony each year.   

“Well we’re out here at Greenwood, decorating the flags of the deceased veterans. We were fortunate that we were able to acquire a lot of extra folks to come out because this is a huge cemetery it goes all the way from greenwood over to the expressway. Most of it’s been done so far and we’re very thankful.”

Bowers says that there are roughly a couple thousand veterans buried in Greenwood and there is a monument there to commemorate their sacrifices. 

“I’m on the Muskingum County Soldier Sailors Monumental Association and we are the ones that actually own this monument. Throughout the year I have people who have lost veteran family members who have went in from Muskingum County to send me their information so I can put them on a list in alphabetical order and I keep this for a year until April 15th and then I take it out to Mudget Monuments and they then impose it on the stone.”

If you have a deceased veteran in your family contact Dick Bowers at the Soldier Sailor monument to have them enshrined. 

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