Artisan Coffee Makes Use Of Farmers Market

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The weekly Zanesville Farmers Market is a venue for many local businesses to show off and move their products. 

One such business is Harp and Lyre, an artisan coffee pop-up run by Andrew and Autumn Dent. Andrew gives a rundown on what coffee they are offering. 

“I have a Nicaraguan and I also have a Thailand that I’m offering right now… Each coffee comes from different regions, like our dark roast that we have even comes from Ethiopia and different areas. That’s a blend, but the Nicaraguan would definitely have a more chocolatey maybe kind of a light medium body with some citrus tones. The Thailand coffee is gonna be very juicy feel, very light body. Kinda fruity maybe a little floral to it as well.”

Dent also maintains that his coffee is better than what you could get at home or from a chain store.

“What we really believe, about the coffee that we offer here, versus folgers or even your big chain coffee shops would be that this coffee here is sourced directly from the farm. A lot of coffees that you would buy at the store there might be second, third party people getting their hands in it. A lot of it is very large batch roasting where they just sort of burn the beans to get the imperfections out before they’re ready. The coffee we’re offering, Hemisphere Coffee Roasters, they go to the coffee farms.”

Harp and Lyre is a pop up coffee shop available at the Farmers Market every Saturday and is available for catering. 

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