Running is in the blood of Tri-Valley record holder, Ryan Meadows

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DRESDEN, Ohio- The Meadows family has been apart of Tri-Valley athletics for quite some time.

“In cross country this past year, I ran 15:53 in the 5k which that broke the school record by five seconds,” Ryan Meadows said.

As you can tell, Ryan meadows of Tri-Valley is quite the runner, and because of it, he’ll be taking his talents Youngstown State University to join the cross country and the track team.

“I’m really excited, division one cross country, it’s the best you can get and I mean you want to be the best you got to compete with those guys,” Ryan said.

“Since he was in seventh grade, his cross country and his indoor and outdoor track life has been ours and we’ve just been I think his biggest supporter and been there for whatever he needs,” Father of Ryan, Gregg Meadows said.

The Meadows family is full of great runners, Ryans best mile time is 4:27, which is a shade better than what his dad ran in his glory days at Tri-Valley

“My fastest mile time I think was 4:40 and the fastest 2 mile was 9:42,” Gregg said.

Running isn’t the only thing Ryan got from his dad.

If you’ve been to a Tri-Valley football or basketball game, you’ve probably heard, Gregg Meadow’s voice, as he announces the Scotties games and has been covering Tri-Valley before Ryan was born.

“I wrote for the Dresden Post Transcript, I was the sports editor, I wrote for them since 1979, writing about Tri-Valley sports after I graduated, Gregg said.”
Ryan said, “Growing up, dad been doing the paper ever since I was born even before that but just growing up in a sports household I just fell in love with it at a young age.”

And what he fell in love with was sports broadcasting. Which is a big reason, Ryan choose to attend Youngstown State

“As far as academically they’re one of the few schools in the Midwest that has a specific sports broadcasting major so as far as academically that was a big thing and I really connected with the team on my visit and the campus. I just fell in love with it,” Ryan said.

And his parents couldn’t any happier for him.

“His mom and I are just really looking forward to, Youngstown about two and a half hour away, but looking forward to him running in college, especially the academic part, they got what he wants up there and I can’t wait to meet, Jim Tressel, we haven’t got to do that yet,” Gregg said.

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