Rake’s Place Reopens Indoor Dining Following Health Department Guidelines

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A local restaurant has made changes to adhere to protocols set forth by the Health Department for indoor dining.

Rake’s Place is taking the necessary steps to open responsibly. Owner Amber Herron notes social distancing and barriers are two of the most important guidelines they have implemented in order to operate.

“We did the 6 foot barriers, in the middle of the dining room and the back of the booths now have Plexiglas on them so that meets the requirements. We have the disposable menus, in one door out another, no condiments on the tables, anything we were supposed to do, we’ve done it.”

Rake’s Place was open for the first day of indoor dining yesterday and owner Amber Herron says customers have been receptive.

“Indoor dining went really good, we had a really good crowd, it was a good night to start back. We had prime rib, its always a big seller and we sold out. Um, very happy with everything… So far everybody seems to be like they’re pleased, everybody likes the new look especially the outside with the new tent and the sides. We have the heaters on the patio and everybody seems to like that and hoping we get to keep that which is our goal also.”

Amber is looking forward to having all of her customers back and is hopeful for a return to normal practices.

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