Muskingum Command Center: Bands Allowed in Bars/Restaurants if they follow Guidelines

COVID-19 Local News Stories

The Muskingum County Unified Command Center is reporting two county resident have tested positive for COVID-19. Case 42 is a 48-year-old woman who is home recovering. This case is related to case 38. Case 43 is a 28-year-old man. An investigation is pending. No other information is being released as those cases.

The Command Center issued a clarification on Live Bands in restaurants and bars. The policy is if a musician or a band is able to abide by the same guidance as the facility in which they are performing , then there is no issue. That does not change the fact that there should not be congregate areas like a dance floor or areas around the stage where people could gather. Also, a mariachi band walking around the tables is not going to work.

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