Memorial Day Weekend is upon which likely means many cars will be found on the highway

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ZANESVILLE – Ohio State Highway Patrol anticipates seeing more traffic on the highways than what has been from previous weekends. However, due to the virus and a number of Ohioans staying inside, Lieutenant Russell Pasqualetti estimates the number of drivers to be down than what has been seen from Memorial Day weekends in years past. Regardless, keeping your eyes on the road is the ticket to ensuring safe travel for yourself and other motorists.

“The more you can focus on the road and put the phone down and not touch the controls of the radio or anything else, the safer you are and the safer you are to everybody else on the road. So, its just a maintain that focus, minimize your distractions, and get there as safely as possible,” Pasqualetti said.

Another thing drivers should be attentive for is motorcyclists. The month of May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

“You have to expect motorcycles now, especially now, because they’re much smaller, much larger profile, you actually have to look and that’s another thing; just maintain that presence, maintain that focus, don’t get distracted, look for motorcycles, be courteous to them. A lot of times there not as manueverable as a car, a lot of times they take a little bit longer to stop. You just need a little bit longer to stop. You just need to be careful around the motorcycles,” Pasqualetti said.

Of course, Pasqualetti encourages drivers to follow routine procedures for safety on all weekends including giving yourself enough time so you’re not in a rush to reach your destination, being courteous to other drivers, and always wearing your seat belt.

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