Restaurants Welcome Back Dine-In Customers

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE – A Zanesville mainstay is happy to finally allow customers to dine inside.

It’s been nine weeks since the Barn has been allowed to have customers sit down in its indoor dining area.

Restaurant owner Jim Watson says that he’s excited to have all of his servers and bartenders to serve folks at their tables and for customers to enjoy the Barn’s atmosphere again.

He assures, like the outdoor area, the eatery is maintaining efficient social distancing.

“We have all of the tables spaced out actually over six feet apart. As you can see and those of you who aren’t familiar with out atmosphere, we’ve got a lot less tables in here than we’ve had over the first of the existence, so, we have… it’s probably a little bit below fifty percent capacity between what we would normally have here in the dining room and what we would have here in the bar so we just want to make sure that we’re maintaining social distancing that we’re required to do,” the Barn’s owner Jim Watson said.

Watson said that he doesn’t necessarily agree with all of the guidelines handed down by Governor DeWine but he is doing his best to adapt.

“I’ve talked to bar owners all over the state… all of the bar or restaurant owners over the state, they didn’t really get some of the guidelines that we’re being constrained under. You know, why can’t I sit and eat my meal while I’m watching somebody play live music as opposed to listen to the radio? It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense (and) it feels like some of the entertainment piece of it or some of the atmosphere piece of it is going to be taken out,” Watson said.

Watson says that the community has been great in supporting the Barn during COVID by frequently purchasing from its carry-out window as well as ordering food for delivery.

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