Orthopaedic Associates of Zanesville Promoting Safety of Patients

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE – Orthopaedic Associates of Zanesville continues to conduct itself to promote safety of patients

When the Orthopaedic clinic re-opened, it initially only had two physicians seeing patients and they have carefully developed a system so patients can come into the office and leave without having exposure to other patients.

“So, initially with two providers, we would have the patients call and pre-register and would also screen them for any COVID symptoms. On the day of the appointment, they would arrive at the parking lot, call us, and, then we’d go get them (and) bring them in without any guests; just the patient. We check their temperature, get them registered at the kiosk here, and take them directly to their room. We’ve done this in a way so patients won’t cross other patients,” Orthopaedic Associates President Dr. Steven Kimberly said.

Orthopaedic Assoicates began offering telemedicine to patients less than two days after closing its doors nearly five weeks ago. Dr. Kimberly says this has been well-received by the clients.

“We learned very quickly the doctors how to do telemedicine. It was part of our electronic record and all we had to do was activate it. It’s been very popular with the patients and we’ve continued to do that despite the fact that we now are able to bring a lot of patients into the office. Some patients because of distance or because of medical conditions or just the need, we are able to do interviews by video or audio or if in some cases the person is not capable of having technology of the video, we can simply do it just by phone,” Dr. Kimberly said.

Dr. Kimberly also says that the staff has an adequate supply of personal protective equipment and they are in the process of ordering more PPE.

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