Organizations Gear up for Monthly Produce Giveaway

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE – First Baptist Church and Eastside Community Ministry gear up for their monthly produce giveaway.

Like the giveaways have been in the last two months, supplies are only allowed to be gathered by driving up to the parking lot next to the church where a volunteer will hand off the items to you. Volunteers have been working to assemble a variety of different foods for people in need to bring home.

“Volunteers will pack items with dairy items, bakery items, fruits, vegetables, and anything else that we have on hand that we can pack. We’ll take them outside and then the clients will drive up (and) load them in their car before they exit the parking lot. What happened is we found this to be a really effective way of helping people get the grocery items they need but (to) also provide for an atmosphere of safety and proper social distancing,” First Baptist Church Pastor David Nuhfer said.

Nuhfer says that the pandemic has shown just how prevalent hunger can be in Muskingum County.

“One of the things we’ve discovered in this COVID-19 crisis is that the issue has really intensified and magnified the realization that a lot of people in this area simply do not have adequate food on a daily consistent basis. So, the partnership that Eastside Community Ministry and First Baptist Church has is to try to alleviate that as best as we reasonably can,” Pastor Nuhfer said.

The drive-thru giveaway is Friday, May 22. It begins at 10:30 AM and will end when the church runs out of supplies to distribute.