Muskingum Co. dog warden and adoption center is making dogs available for adoption this week

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE – The adoption center is practicing careful social distancing as it starts to re-open and it is keeping both residents and animals’ safety in mind when offering up pets for adoption.

“We’re starting to adopt dogs again. We are actually doing it with social distancing. We are taking application, reviewing them online, we are sending them through e-mail to different potential adopters. (We’re) doing meet and greets, we do have dogs at the fairgrounds, we also have the new dogs at the adoption center. So, we’re just trying to set up appointments so we can do it, like I said, (with) social distancing because of the whole COVID-19 situation,” Head Dog Warden Bryan Catlin said.

Staff members from the adoption center stopped by the County Commission Thursday morning to lay down the plans they have set for adopting dogs. Catlin said that is the online adoptions are successful, the organization could make it the standard protocol.

“They wanted to go over; making sure on the policies that I came up with if it was working. I also explained to them that, so far, just working on the kinks in making appointments and how we were doing that and so far its a new drug policy (and) we’re just kind of working everything out. I also explained to them by doing the online thing it may work out in the future to process the payments, paperwork, to kind of speed up the process when people are adopting our dogs,” Catlin said.

Catlin said there are now about five dogs at the adoption center that are almost ready to be put up for adoption.

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