Willow Haven Nursing Home hosts first ever parade for seniors

Local News

ZANESVILLE – Zanesville Police Department vehicles as well as families of seniors at Willow Haven drove their cars through the ceremony.

Staff at Willow Haven was excited to conduct the parade and give the seniors a chance to engage in some activities after the pandemic has forced them to stay cooped up inside.

“This is just a parade for our good will; a parade that we wanted to do for our residents to get them outside, to get some fresh air, and let them see their families because they’ve been so restricted,” Willow Haven Administrator Lyndsay Myers said.

The parade had been the talk around the nursing home leading up to its arrival.

“They’re really excited. They’ve been prepping. They’ve wanted to have their meals done a little early. They wanted to get dressed. They wanted to have their jewelry on to come out and see their family so they’re extremely excited and ecstatic right now,” Myers said.

Myers says they have lots of fun events on the horizon for the Seniors including a collective Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day breakfast.