Rambo Memorial Center Air Conditioning Program Kicks Off

Local News

ZANESVILLE – Rambo is keeping up with social distancing and its lobby requires patrons to stand six feet apart from each other. People need to call and ask for an appointment which is not something the Health Center asked in the past. It is also starting its annual air conditioner program Thursday to put the appliances in the homes of people who meet certain criteria.

“We have 100 air conditioners. They’re 5,000 BTU; this is from room size. Don’t try to cool a whole house with is because you’ll just burn it up. They do not have a remote control, but, to receive an air conditioner from us, I’m going to tell you what you need to have. You have to have a respiratory diagnosis and sleep apnea is not valid for this program. So, it’s something like COPD, asthma, emphysema; something like that. There’s other diagnoses but that’s some examples,” Rambo Memorial RN Director Gloria Brown said.

People interested in the service need to abide by Rambo’s new social distancing promoting policy to receive their free A/C.

“Don’t come in bringing all of your stuff tomorrow. What we’re trying to do is keep our lobby in control and you just need to call us first because we can do all of our paper work over the phone. Once we get everything in order, then, we will call you to get an appointment to bring your information in and, then, at that point, we can give you the voucher and you’ll take it to Home Depot and then you can get your air conditioner out there,” Brown said.

Applicants will also need to present items like a prescription from their physician explaining their diagnosis and proof of income for everyone in the household to receive the A/C.