Muskingum County Chamber of Commerce happy to start to see non-essential businesses re-open

Local News

ZANESVILLE – Although these have been unforseen times in Muskingum County, the Chamber prides itself on being an aid and always offering guidance to businesses as they would often have many questions to ask.

“The job for the Chamber of Commerce is to communicate with the business community – share the information from the federal, the state, and the local community for the best practices and guidelines that have been set forth,” Chamber of Commerce President Dana Matz said.

A very valuable tool to propel businesses to be able to re-open is over $60 million that was flushed into companies as a whole as part of the Paycheck Protection Program, or, PPP. Agencies were able to apply for these loans through a bank or a credit union.

“Just in three of the banks I’ve spoken to, I know that they’ve written over 100 loans so that’s very exciting. So, that money coming back into the community to support our business is very good. (We) definitely encourage the businesses to pay attention to their filing, their forgiveness portion of that. If they have questions, talk to the banks and, for sure, talk to the accountants,” Matz said.

Matz said that it is possible that another wave of PPP loan programs could make its way into the county. However, he encourages business owners to take this with a grain of salt and look out for scams.

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