Coconis Furniture Opens Safely

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Coconis Furniture in South Zanesville opened May 12th with new safety guidelines.

Owner Bo Coconis says that the store will provide protective equipment to employees as well as all customers.

“As of today we are fully open, it feels great. So, ultimately what we have is placed throughout all our stores the first thing you see when you walk in is a sanitation station. Hand sanitizer, we have masks we’re providing to our customers and we also have gloves if the customer would feel comfortable with that. All of our employees are wearing masks, I have mine here just for the interview, I’m not wearing it. We’re practicing all the safe protocols trying to make customers feel as safe as possible when they come in. ”, Coconis told reporters.

Coconis says that his employees were paid during their five week shutdown and they are continuing a sale from before the shutdown.

“As of right now we are continuing our Save 15 promo which is basically something we extended from while we were off. Probably the best promo we’ve ever done. Basically what it is is we are offering an additional fifteen percent off. We are still offering long term interest rate financing options of up to 72 months you pay by cash, check credit card you get an additional discount and then you get an additional fifteen percent off.”

Coconis hours and private shopping experiences can be found and arranged on the store’s website.