Muskingum County Commissioners hold bid opening for much needed walkway behind local school

Local News

ZANESVILLE – The “canopy-style” project will be seen behind Starlight School in Zanesville for parents to drop off and pick up their children. It is mainly designed for the safety of the students.

“We’re looking for safety issues regarding kids coming into the rear of the building as well as when its inclement weather. We have a lot of children in wheelchairs and this will just make for a lot easier and safer way for kids to get from their cars into the school.” Muskingum County Board of Developmental Disabilities’ Kellie Brown said.

The bids will be reviewed by the company APG architects to ensure that the project’s resources are in order and to make a recommendation for who best fits the bid’s specifications.

“We’ve been very successful with APG architects managing our projects and, so, we have a lot of confidence and we want it done over the summer, so, when kids come back to school ‘hopefully; fingers crossed’ we’ll all be back to school in the Fall (and) that this will be done,” Brown said.

The project is anticipated to cost around $90,000.

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