Y -Bridge Brewing Weathers Pandemic

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Y-Bridge Brewing in Zanesville has felt the full spectrum of pandemic emotions. 

Owner Ray Ballard says that the business has affected a new drive thru model based off of Governor Dewine’s safety regulations.

“We just have people coming up here. I post a menu with different flavors of beers, my core beers. I have to tell them what time I’m gonna be open and they pull up, some people get out and kinda wanna walk up and look. Most people wanna stay in their car, wind down the window and place an order… It’s on our Facebook page.”

Ballard also wants to note that the pandemic has not had a negative affect on his sales, but seems to have the opposite effect. He also said which of his products was the top seller. 

“It has been a steady increase. We’ve more than doubled our first weekend a couple weeks ago. It’s been a steady growth. Yesterday was our best day by far… Our blood orange wheat is our big staple beer that’s the one we sell the most of. I’ve been adding vanilla to it and putting it in 32 ounce cans of what we call crowlers.”

You can find the menu and hours for Y-Bridge Brewing on their Facebook page.