Adornetto’s Acts as Venue for Local Artist

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Adornetto’s restaurant is acting as a showcase for a local woodworking artist. 

Woodworker Dick McBride spoke to his process and how long each piece takes to make.

“That’s a good question, I always tell everybody ‘as long as it takes’. But usually a month, month and a half… I buy my wood in Columbus. It’s usually exotic woods, but I use everything. My favorite wood is cedar, because it makes the shop smell good.”

Owner Adrian Adornetto explained how long the showcase will stay, why it’s there and how long he has come to know McBride. 

“Well that’s up to the governor, when the governor releases the orders to open up the restaurants I  guess I’ll need my parking lot back, but during these unusual times it’s really nice to have something like this for people to look at while they go through our drive-thru… Fun fact about Dick, he lives in the same neighborhood as my dad. Probably about two years ago I was fortunate enough to go for a little tour at Dick’s Workshop and it is amazing. The stuff that’s inside that this man creates, small, big or large all with wood and so intricate.”, Adornetto said Monday afternoon.

Stop by Adornetto’s to see the exhibit.

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