Seniors at Oaks of Northpointe chant “OH-IO” as Brutus Buckeye pays visit

Local News

ZANESVILLE – It’s been hard for friends and family to see the folks at the Oaks of Northpointe because of the stay at home order. The mascot brought joy to the many residents who are Buckeye fans.

“We have tons of Buckeye fans in there. We are all about Ohio State and Brutus. We bring him here every year so for them to see or recognize an old face since they can’t see their family members. It really cheers them up.” Director of Health Services Andrea Tanner said.

Brutus’ stop was one of the many activities that the Oaks’ staff does to keep the seniors engaged.

“All of our departments are working together. We have our activities department working with therapy and nursing to do different activities so we’ve had theme week. I think this is week three or four and we have another theme week next week. We just continue to come up with different ideas and the staff and the residents are the ones that work together to come up with them,” Tanner said.

Tanner said like the people that work at the Oaks, Brutus is what she considers one of the “Heroes of Ohio”.