Salvation Army wants to assure that its doors are not closed

COVID-19 Local News

Zanesville – The organization wants to thank the community first and foremost for its support to help the Salvation Army allow to stay open with its monetary donations. Staff has had to make some adjustments to its routine because of Covid-19, but, the employees are excited to be soon be offering hot meals again.

“We’ve been doing sandwich type meals, picnic type meals but we just got approval after the Governor made a few changes. Evidently, my boss informed me today (that) starting Monday we will be going back to hot meals. Although they will still be handed out the back because of the six foot, all of that fun stuff. So, we’ll be doing hot meals again starting Monday,” Salvation Army of Northeast Ohio’s George Bates said.

The Salvation Army feels like it is a good thing that they haven’t closed like non-essential businesses have been forced to because it has seen an uptick in people who are in need of food compared to when before the pandemic started.

“We have had an increase and every once in a while I’ll go outside and talk to the people and its not always what everybody thinks, you know what I mean? I walk out and I talk to them and they’re so appreciative which makes me feel better because, like I said, I’m not real thrilled about serving a cold sandwich. Hot meals are so much better. So, I thought, you know, I need to talk to the people, see how they’re doing and they’ve been great,” Bates said.

The Salvation Army’s Food Pantry is open each day from 1 to 3 o’clock.