New Concord Mother honors this year’s graduating class from John Glenn High School

Local News

NEW CONCORD – The idea started when Julie Fete started a Facebook page for parents of seniors at the school. Since the graduating students will not get to participate in a standard high school graduation, each senior has been “adopted” with their name being placed at the bottom of a sign with a class of 2020 emblem on it.

“As a senior parent, this is a moment in their lives that they will never get back. This is a moment, as a parent, especially because this will be my first graduate, and it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart that there’s nothing that can be done for them from them to be held somewhat in a group to have their own commencement with their friends one last time together. Even if they have to wear masks, I’m fine with that,” Fete said.

Parents as well as local residents are happy to see the signs as they walk or drive along Main Street.

“We’ve had a wonderful response. The community is very supportive of all of us. They’ve been very grateful. They love it. They love going up and down the street and seeing the signs and help celebrating the seniors,” Fete said.

Fete said she would consider implementing the signs for the 2021 graduating class even if the pandemic is over and done with by that time.