Popular chicken restaurant will be making its way into Zanesville

Local News

ZANESVILLE – A “Raising Cane’s” will be found in the city in the future. Mayor Don Mason says that some Zanesville residents have traveled as far as Newark to be able to purchase the restaurant’s food. The Raising Cane’s is set to be located in the Country Fair shopping center near a Tim Horton’s on Maple Avenue. While the new eatery is exciting, Mason says there are some traffic matters that the city will need to attend to pay attention to.

“The biggest issue is the traffic light just can’t get enough traffic turning left out of there without stacking from time to time and the concern is Raising Cane’s comes in and nothing is done. It’s going to create even more of a problem. Again, when you have problems at intersections, that creates impatient drivers which creates accidents. My goal is to try to get ahead of this and try to improve traffic flow,” Mason said.

Mason says that the time is right for a Raising Cane’s to be in Muskingum County.

“Raising Cane’s has a very good marketing strategy, a good business plan, and they’ve identified that a lot of their customers come from Muskingum County; Zanesville. So, their goal is to locate here and expand their footprint. It’s a very good location in terms of traffic count; it’s a good location in terms of having availability of parking space in the area,” Mason said.

Construction of the building may begin as early as this Summer.

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