Ohio Sees Marked Decrease in Speeding Citations

COVID-19 Local News

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- The stay at home order for the state of Ohio has seen a huge drop in traffic citations. 

Citations are down almost 24,000 this year compared to last. Highway trooper Brice Nihiser gave an insight into why. 

“We have seen a decline in the number of citations that we’ve issued with the coronavirus and the stay at home order, people are not only being safer when they’re driving but there’s less people on the road, as they go to and from work those essential workers… So, most recently California said that they were having issues with people going in excess of a hundred miles an hour at a greater rate than they would normally see. Ohio’s right now, we’re not seeing that issue. We think that people are being responsible when they go out. If they break the law they are going over the speed limit, they’re going to get stopped, they are going to receive a citation.”, Nihiser said Monday morning.

Nihiser also wanted to offer a warning to all drivers about the danger of speeding. 

“Speed is one of our major crash contributing violations, as well as distracted driving and we’re just reminding everybody that drive at a safe speed, don’t be distracted while you’re driving and we’re in this together.”

If you need to leave your house during this quarantine the state highway patrol asks that you please drive responsibly for your safety and the safety of others.