Tri-Valley’s, Spiker reflects on getting into West Point

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DRESDEN, Ohio- Audrey Spiker has accomplished at lot during her time at Tri-Valley and now it’s all finally paying off.

“First what’s there not to like about, Audrey”

The answer is nothing, as Tri-Valley’s, Audrey Spiker is as good as it gets on and off the basketball court.

“I was also class president so I think that that because i had the oportunity to be the class president, that helped me a lot with leadership.”

And because of all her accomplishments at Tri-Valley, Audrey will be joining the Army Academy at West Point.

“I actually found out cause they send out different waves of like offers and I was in the first wave so that was really exciting to cause I didn’t even know if I was going to get in.”

“She’s a motivated person shes kind of knows what she wants and I just tried to be there to help her how ever I could.”

Which is exactly what Tri-Valley girls basketball coach, Kurt Kaufamn did, he pushed and helped Audrey be the best version of herself.

“At first I was like oh my gosh he can’t ever give me a break, I feel like he doesn’t like me but then I realized he wanted me to do good so I really appreciated that”

“She always competed, she always played hard, she always gave her best effort. What I thought was maybe the difference at a freshman and a senior was just the leadership that she showed.”

The Military is nothing new to the Spiker Family as Audrey’s dad and uncle have served their country.

“My dad has helped my a lot, ever since I was younger he’s made sure that I have good grades and always worked hard with sports and athletics and I’ve just always grown up in the army lifestyle.”

“Family’s important to her, she has great friendships, she’s a leader and of course the athletics is very important to her as well.”

“Once I’m done with West Point and I serve my five years I was hoping to get into the F.B.I because my uncle was also in the F.B.I so I’m hoping that would help get in so I was hoping to minor in Chinese too.”

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