Food donations being collected again at Secrest Auditorium

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE – Food donations are being collected again at Secrest Auditorium to help the many organizations in the Muskingum County Hunger Network.

Zanesville Mayor Don Mason is pleased with the amount of donations the Hunger Network receives during its Friday curbside dropoffs. While a slow end to the Stay at Home Order will start on May 1st, the network is still very much in need of help.

“Our hot meal programs in Zanesville have gone up at least two fold since the beginning of this. That’s not going to go down any time soon. So, if you want to be rejoiceful of the fact that there’ll be some activities that you can gauge in the future, we really want people to focus and understand that the need for the food banks continues. So, on Friday, please come to Secrest Auditorium between 8 and 7 so you can help participate in either money or bagged, canned, or jarred foods for the food banks,” Mason said.

The auditorium is not open on Friday and the only way to donate items is by driving up to the curbside. There are many different goods that can be dropped off.

“Everything from like canned ravioli to bags of noodles, things of that nature. Again, if you do have everything from bounty paper towels, toilet paper, bottled water. The bun factory has been very, very supportive by donating buns for the hot meals. If you have peanut butter, canned peas, anything like that, again, if its food we can use it,” Mason said.

Monetary donations are also accepted and so far the food drive has produced $11,000 for the Hunger Network.

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