Last Week for Absentee Ballots

COVID-19 Local News

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- Requests for absentee ballots for the Ohio Primary Ballot are due by noon on April 25th.

Muskingum County Board of Elections director Tim Thompson spoke to the urgency in the process.

“The absolute very last day to request a ballot would be Saturday, April 25th. The Secretary of State says by noon but in order for us to get your ballot in the mail and get it to you it’ll be best to have your application in by 10:30 at the latest.That way we can process it and get it into the post office.” , Thompson said Tuesday.

Thompson also detailed the intricate points of the process so that voters would be careful when filling out their application.

“Voters can certainly make their own request following the criteria on the postcard that they received from the secretary of state’s office. Be sure that all the information is correct because if we don’t get it correct we have to send a letter to you and then the process gets really delayed.”

Ballots are being mailed on a daily basis and the board is working tirelessly so your voice can be heard.

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