This week is National Work Zone Awareness Week

Local News

ZANESVILLE – The week doesn’t only try to promote the safety or work zone workers but motorists and pedestrians as well. There were over 6,500 work zone crashes in Ohio last year and that was a forty percent increase from 2018. The Ohio Department of Transportation is spreading the word about keeping an eye out for employees in work zones on the roadway.

“In 2019, 78 ODOT crews were struck in work zones and by crews; I mean not just vehicles but pieces of equipment and that sort of thing and so far we’ve already had nine crews stuck since Valentine’s Day so we’re already trending upwards and this week is just a really good week to promote all things safety related to work zones,” ODOT District 5’s Morgan Overbey said.

Distracted driving is a very common culprit for accidents that happen in work zone.

“Not only can we promote slowing down and moving over but please, put your phones down. Hands free Ohio is kind of the slogan we’re promoting here and we just encourage all motorists to focus on the roadway and put their phones down,” Overbey said.

To recognize this week, Wednesday is “wear orange” day and Overbey encouraged people to wear orange and they can share a picture of their orange clothes to ODOT over social media.