Sewing Masks a Mission

COVID-19 Local News Stories

A social media post has turned into a new hobby for a local woman.

When the Coronavirus hit Mary Ramos saw her online sewing business come to a standstill. That changed when she posted a protective mask she made on social media. She said that’s when things really took off.

“My best friend is a nurse. I want to cover her and her friends, so I sent a bag with her to work and before I knew it the nurses and the nursing homes and UPS has gotten a hold of me to make them,” said Ramos.

Ramos doesn’t charge for her masks. She takes order through Facebook Messenger puts the names on a list, making around 80-100 each day. She said sometimes she gets little notes of thanks that keep her sewing.

“It’s kept my mind off of the virus to be honest with you because then I don’t think about it because I”m constantly at my sewing machine 24/7 so I don’t have time to worry about getting sick,” said Ramos.

The masks are sterlized, put into plastic bags and then into paper bags.

Ramos said the community has supported her by donating fabric and hard to find elastic. She said she could use some more fabric for men and she enjoys sewing masks for kids using superhero fabric.

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