Muskingum Behavioral Health Talks Dangers

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- CEO Steve Carrel of Muskingum Behavioral Health spoke to the mental health dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He says that there is an uptake in alcohol dependency as well as unreported child abuse.

“Alcohol sales are up. It’s, I think part of that is people are just stocking up because they don’t know what the next steps are gonna be. I think part of it is a coping mechanism. Which is not the most positive productive way to deal with this…. Statewide reported child abuse cases are down about fifty percent. That does not mean that child abuse is not happening. With the schools being closed schools are one of the largest reporters of child abuse because educators are with those kids.”

Carrel gave tips on how to cope with dependency as well as as how to spot child abuse.

“Anything that is going to divert or deal with the stress and anxiety of the situation. Now is a good time to pick up a hobby or a habit. It’s a good time to start ya know your New Years Resolution, I’m gonna start working out and ya never did… If you see if you know a child and they’re starting to act differently that’s a sign that something is going on. Could be just the stress, kids are going to react to this situation however their parents react to it. They see their parents panicking they’re, gonna panic.”

Muskingum Behavioral Health has moved to all tele-health conferences and is still taking new clients. 

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