AAA Offers Tips to Keep you Safe at the Pump

COVID-19 Local News Stories

Over the last seven weeks gas prices nationally have fallen on average 61 cents.

Ohio is one of the nation’s least expensive markets for gasoline at an average of $1.46 a gallon.

If you are traveling for essential business and need to fill up your tank. Auto Club AAA has some tips to do so safely and minimize exposure to Covid-19.

When making a trip to the pump they recommend bringing along a few items disinfecting wipes, gloves or a plastic bag.

“When you get to a gas station you want to find a gas pump maybe that’s at the end of the row or far enough away from other people to maintain that social distance,” suggested Sr. Manager Public Affairs AAA Kimberly Schwind. “When you get out of the car and go to the pump, wipe everything down anything you’re going to be touching, the keypad, the pump, the touchscreens with a sanitizing wipe.”

Schwind said to pick up the gas pump itself you should use a glove or bag and then following the transaction sanitize your hands and credit card.

“Stay at Home” orders may have leave your car idle for long periods of time, so consider ways to keep it drivable.

“What you want to do is make sure your gas tank is 3/4 of the way full preferable full, that’s going to prevent that air pocket in your fuel tank and avoid condensation from happening,” explained Schwind. “If you’re not going to be driving your vehicle at all and it’s just going to be sitting for several months you could consider a fuel stabilizer.”

If your car has sat for an extended time it’s suggested to drive it around the block 5-10 minutes to keep the battery charged and to prevent flat spots from forming on tires.

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