Zanesville – Muskingum County Health Dept. holds weekly conference

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE – The presser was held Tuesday afternoon to update the community on things related to the Corona Virus.

So far, there has been eight confirmed cases of the virus in Muskingum County. The Health Department’s Medical Director Dr. Jack Butterfield was happy to announce that six of those cases have been treated and the patients have recovered. He is also pleased with the steps that people in Muskingum County are taking to protect themselves and others.

“We’re basically in crisis mode for personal protective equipment, or, what we call PPE. We have seen our community rise to the occasion. Business that are producing cloth masks, teachers that are producing plastic shields; it’s amazing what the community will do when the need arises,” Butterfield said.

Director of Muskingum County Jobs and Family Services’ Troy McCollister spoke at the conference and shared that relief is being made for families by the employment agency.

“Muskingum County JFS is offering a second round of COVID disaster assistance to the residents of Muskingum County. Households may be eligible for one-time assistance to use towards expenses related to the pandemic. This may include rent, deposits, utilities, temporary housing assistance, mortgage payments, car payments, childcare payments, or other expenses related to the pandemic,” McCollister said.

Anyone who would like to inquire with JFS about their services can find information on its website:

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