Zanesville – Muskingum County Chamber of Commerce taking action to assist businesses

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE – Whether they are dealing with economic challenges of being forced to let go of employees, many non-essential businesses in Ohio are facing many hardships.

“We’ve instituted two newsletters a week to our members so we can send them out – the most pertinent information as we receive it. I try not to send stuff out every week. We’ve narrowed it to twice a week. The information that we’re sharing pertains to operations of your business; as far as SBA loans and PPP loans, those type of things. We’re also coming at it from a human resources and safety standpoint as well and then just community information. That’s one thing we’ve been doing,” Chamber President Dana Matz said.

Matz recommends that businesses continue to persevere but they should also take each thing with a grain of salt when it comes to managing its money.

“Stay in touch with your banks, your lenders, your credit unions, your accountants, your attorneys. If you make any big moves, talk to a professional. There’s a lot of information out there and whenever the government is offering as much money as they are, there’s also scams that occur. So, that’s one thing that we’re trying to make sure our members are cognizant of. Be cautious of your moves,” Matz said.

If any businesses, including ones that are not a member of the Chamber, have questions or are looking for advice, they are encouraged to check out the Chambers’ website:

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