Muskingum County Hunger Network Food Drive at Secrest

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE – Christ’ Table is one of over ten Zanesville organizations that benefits from the food donations conducted by the Muskingum County Hunger Network

Starting last week and continuing on Friday, people interested in donation food are now able to drop off their food into a drive-up window as opposed to entering Secrest Auditorium and unloading their donation inside.

“This drive-thru opportunity to give food is such a big benefit to the whole complete Hunger Network. There are 14 food pantries and 4 hot meal programs within that and last year combined, we all served about 800 thousand meals in 2019. Lord knows where that’s going to be this year with this pandemic so for the city of Zanesville to step up along with our commissioners – that team that said, hey, we recognized that we are essential services. All of us our essential services and our needs are going up right now,” Christ Table’s Keely Warden said.

Warden says she’s a fan of the drive-thru system because it will make it easier for people to make their donations.

“A lot of us are finding out that the drive-thrus are a lot more simpler. They’re easy for the people that we serve and the people that are serving us. So, for them to come up with this drive-thru dropoff; it was a great idea. That way people don’t need to get out of their cars. It’s safe. Everyone is sanitized. The food is sanitized taking in and the food is being sanitized taking out. So, this pandemic has made us think longer and made us think longer and made us think harder but I think, in the end, it’s better for all of us,” Warden said.

Warden speculates that the drive-up window will be in place at least through the summer.

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