Stress line available for people seeking advice related to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE – AllWell’s Covid-19 stress line went into effect at noon today. AllWell has experts waiting to listen to provide emotional support and resources.

“It’s a toll free number that can be called at any time day or night and anybody who calls will get an expert at AllWell to listen, to provide advice, to avail them to resources that are available in the community. It’s not necessarily a line that looks at health symptoms but its a line that helps us deal with anxiety, to deal with frustration, and panic related to this and sometimes talking to somebody helps that,” AllWell’s James McDonald said.

McDonald shared that no topic related to the pandemic is off limits when calling in.

“Sometimes people will just want to vent their frustrations and their disappointment. Sometimes they’ll want advice on how to manage their children and their schedule in times like this. Sometimes they’ll want to be just directed to resources available in the community but we’re there 24/7 to help deal with this crisis,” McDonald said.

The number for the stress line is 740-432-2377.