Zanesville High School Teacher designing virus face guards at home

COVID-19 Local News Stories

Zanesville – Rich Mohler borrowed a 3D printer from the high school and now has it at his home. He’s joined forces with other teachers from schools like Shenandoah High, Buckeye Trail High, Maysville High School and other schools as well who are using the printers to design such parts as well. Mohler explained how the 3D printer designs the masks.

“What a 3D printer does is literally takes plastic filament and runs it through and melts it and then just resets it down in a pattern that is set by the computer file. So, it prints it from the bottom up. It literally just builds it from the ground up,” Mohler said.

Mohler feels that it is his duty as an educator to try to develop tools that can help save lives during the pandemic.

“Teachers are going to teach. Teachers help. That’s what we do. When there’s a need and something we can do to meet than need, right now, the personal protection of our frontline workers, our safety, and health workers is paramount. So, whatever we can do to help them in any small part, we’ll step up and do that,” Mohler said.

Mohler has prepared around forty masks so far and he will be donating them to the Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency on Friday. He said that any other organization that is interested in the mask can contact him from the Zanesville High School online directory.

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